Introducing The All New Venom Compound Cape Cobra from Vittoria

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Home to some of the toughest mountain biking races in the world, characterized by their undulating, scenic yet brutal landscapes – South African mountain biking is like no other. Participants of the Cape Epic or Attakwas will be all too familiar with South Africa’s relentless terrain. Endless gravel roads that don’t feel suitable for even the most robust cars, heart racing rocky descents, technical climbs that require your highest level of concentration. With no remorse South Africa’s harsh terrain can put an abrupt end to any riding goals. Fortunately, it’s not all bad – those that weather South Africa’s toughest terrain are rewarded with views of untouched landscapes, scenic mountains complimented by splashes of vibrant color – a product of indigenous fynbos.

To weather the storm that is untamed African terrain, Vittoria have revamped and relaunched a range of tyres designed to get you through even the toughest terrain – the all new Venom Compound Cape Cobra. You may be asking yourself the question “why would an Italian company create a tyre specifically designed for South African terrain?” The answer is simple – It’s in line with their mission. Vittoria is an Italian word that directly translates to “Victory” and when paired with their slogan “The Ride Ahead” the company’s mission becomes clear – to win the ride ahead. Although they’ve produced both Road World Tour winning tyres and Cross Country World Cup winning tyres they’re also concerned with The Ride Ahead of the everyday cyclist. Vittoria realizes that sometimes The Ride Ahead is winning races and other times it’s avoiding a puncture and getting to work on time.

Previously designed specifically for South African terrain the first edition of the Cape Cobra range was widely successful and the go to choice of many South African mountain bikers. It offered sidewall protection unlike any tyre at the time providing riders with a strong sense of confidence going through rocky terrain. A few years later however, Vittoria International released new technologies in their tyres that surpassed that of the Cape Cobra. The first editions of Cape Cobra’s then became redundant and outdated. Fast Forward to today and despite the newer technologies, South African riders are yet again demanding more protection than ever from their tyres. This is due to the relentless South African terrain and an increasing level of technicality in Mountain Bike races internationally.

To meet the present day demands of the South African mountain biker the Cape Cobra range has now been updated and relaunched. Unlike the previous edition the all new Venom Compound Cape Cobra range now features Vittoria’s latest Graphene 2.0 technology proven to decrease rolling resistance and improve grip, durability and puncture protection. Despite the increased puncture protection of the Venom Compound Cape Cobra the tyre has remained relatively lightweight for the competitive cyclist. Vittoria have also added their signature 4C technology which allows precise allocation of 4 different Graphene compounds throughout the tyre. Utilizing 4 different compounds throughout one tyre, Vittoria are able to create a tyre that not only rolls well but inspires confidence in corners.

In terms of tread pattern the Venom Compound Cape Cobra will be available in Vittoria’s two flagship tread patterns – the Barzo and Mezcal. Both tread patterns are race proven and have been piloted to victory on the World Cup scene. Despite utilizing the same compounds, each tread pattern is designed for specific terrain. The Barzo with an aggressive tread pattern is designed for use in mixed terrain. Despite the medium sized knobs the tyre rolls well due to its V shaped tread pattern. The Mezcal is the Barzo’s faster rolling sibling designed for dry and dusty conditions. In the past however, riders have opted for a combination of the two tyres. Taking advantage of the Barzo’s aggressive profile in the front to increase performance in the corners. Backed up with the fast rolling resistance of the Mezcal fitted to the rear wheel the combination has been lethal on South African trails.

Whether your Ride Ahead requires race winning performance or simply the puncture protection to enjoy the scenes of South Africa’s untouched landscape, look no further than the all new Venom Compound Cape Cobra. South Africa’s only specifically designed tyre.

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Nov 20, 2023, 7:36 AM

Would like to see a comparison between the Standard and Cape Cobra models side to side
PK Private

Nov 20, 2023, 8:15 AM

Nice! Perfect timing as my current Barzo Cape Cobras are coming to end of life. Going on the Christmas wish list....

Nov 20, 2023, 11:01 AM

Does that Swroks even operate without the standard issue Spesh rubber?


Nov 20, 2023, 11:59 AM

Haven't used a vittoria mtb tyre since geax days, (for no real reason/the maxxiss hype train), but it's always been pretty cool to see that vlaggie on their sidewalls. hope they do well

Dec 4, 2023, 4:48 AM

Perhaps the new Venom compound will have better puncture protection. I have just removed the previous Mezcal as a back tyre, 4 rock punctures in a month. The tread pattern was great and the outer compound nice and grippy, but it wore down very fast and unfortunately many punctures on familiar rocky terrain. Good weight and volume.

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