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Introducing Outer Cycles

Supplied by Lyne Components

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Outer Cycles is a homegrown bike brand brought to you by the team at Lyne Components.

We have been working on this project behind the scenes since 2020 and are excited to finally launch it. We are super passionate about the innovation behind producing and selling cycling products and are really excited to be developing and retailing complete bikes.

We have taken a nonconformist approach with this brand, hence the name ‘Outer Cycles’. Whilst the bike industry of late has adopted a ‘more is more’ attitude, our goal is rather to offer a small, focused range of high-quality and high-performance bikes.

Bikes Made for Adventure

Adventure is a key word for us. It’s what we live for. The bike industry tends to give racing all the attention, and although racing is good for pushing innovation, it doesn’t always benefit someone who is riding to have fun. Designing a bike for a pro racer to win medals on does not necessarily translate to a bike that is meant for everyday riding. We believe in developing bikes that are made for you and your adventures; bikes with dialled geometry and quality components for each price category. If you are interested in more of our design thinking, check our Design Notes section.

The Range

Introducing our first range of full suspension E-bikes. Apart from being one of the faster growing categories in mountain biking, we really feel that E-bikes have made the biggest impact on cycling in recent years. E-bikes are allowing riders to enjoy bigger rides, regardless of fitness or age. They allow people with minimal free time to get out and get healthy, as well as enjoy mountain biking without having to dedicate large amounts of time to stay in top form. And for the gravity enthusiast, they simply mean bigger mountains and more laps!

The Link is our no-nonsense, go-anywhere E-bike. Featuring 160mm front and rear suspension travel and a progressively tuned four-bar suspension layout, this bike is ready to take on anything you can throw at it.


The Link- GX

  • Alloy 160mm Frame
  • 85N.m Shimano EP8 Motor (32Kph)
  • 630Wh Shimano Battery
  • Rockshox ZEB Fork
  • Rockshox Super Deluxe Shock
  • SRAM GX Eagle Drivetrain
  • SRAM Code R Brakes
  • Lyne Components dropper post, cockpit and rims

Retail Price R115 000


The Link- NX

  • Alloy 160mm Frame
  • 85N.m Shimano EP8 Motor (32Kph)
  • 630Wh Shimano Battery
  • Rockshox 35 Gold Fork
  • Rockshox Deluxe Shock
  • SRAM GX/NX Eagle Drivetrain
  • SRAM DB8 Brakes
  • Lyne Components dropper post, cockpit and rims

Retail Price R90 000


Where to Buy

Outer Cycles is available to purchase online and your bike will be delivered to a dealer of your choice. Alternately search for one of our dealers on our website.

Get in Touch

Just as with Lyne Components, Outer Cycles is a brand you can depend on for being easy to reach. We pride ourselves on proactive after-sales support and an in-depth understanding of our products. Whether you have questions, need advice, or require assistance, feel free to reach out to us via email or drop us a line.



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Feb 7, 2024, 7:35 AM

Bikes look awesome! Keen to see these out on the trails
Super Sywurm

Feb 7, 2024, 7:35 AM

I got exited reading this article, until I noticed that they only have e-bikes.. 😭


Feb 13, 2024, 4:03 PM

The bikes feel awesome, and great value for money. They are doing demo rides at Black Sheep Bikes at Hoogekraal!

Feb 13, 2024, 4:28 PM

Good luck! 😎

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