Attakwas Extreme

Saturday, 21 Jan 2023

Western Cape, South Africa

Mountain Bike

Posted by Dryland Events

About the event

Welcome to South Africa's toughest one-day MTB race! Dare to conquer our 121km route with a 2900m vertical ascent. Too daunting? Try the Attakwas Half, a 52km route with a 1100m elevation gain. We invite you to defy your limits and earn the bragging rights that come with 'surviving Attakwas'. Remember - if you dare take on the challenge, you will possess the courage to conquer it!

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Start time: 06:00

Price: R1490.00

Distance: 121KM

Elevation: 2900Mm

This legendary MTB venue boasts some of the most scenic tracks in the Southern Cape, the early morning start guarantees a wildlife encounter with either Giraffe, Eland or perhaps the majestic Kudu. The descends are rough and unforgiving and riders jostling for a position makes the start really dangerous so take care and rather err on the cautious side.

Water point 1 is reached within 30 kilometers, stock up well for the journey ahead. Protea and Waboom lining the tracks heading towards water point 2 at the R328 crossing where spectators can cheer riders on. Now the real test awaits with the Attakwas looming large. An undulating steady drag, interrupted by loose and technical climbs bring riders to the entry into the reserve, a well-deserved spot for a photo or two. Leaving the rural dwelling of Bonniedale refreshed and revived riders swop the technical trails of the Attakwas for an unforgiving and undulating gravel road towards water point 4. Close to one hundred kilometers in the legs makes this quarter the hardest by far as the heat and unrelenting climbs takes its toll. Probably the steepest and longest climb of the day at 110 km is realized just before water point 5. The first sight of the sea signals a hero’s welcome and a descend to match with a finish right at the water’s edge.


Western Cape, South Africa

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