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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

There is no fee to advertise your goods for sale in the Bike Hub Classifieds for a private user.

Listing fees do apply for retailers and second-hand dealers using Bike Hub in the course of business. Find out more here.

How long does my advert remain on Bike Hub for?

Your advert will be active on Bike Hub for 30-days from the time of first posting it. After 30-days your advert will expire and be removed from public viewing. You can easily renew your advert for a further 30-days after it has expired from the My Ads page.

How does payment and handover of goods work?

The safest option is our secure payment service Bike Hub Pay.

The buyer makes payment to Bike Hub and, once secured, we’ll notify you that it’s safe to proceed with delivery or handover. Once the buyer has the item the payment will be released to you. This way you and the buyer are protected from risk.

Read all our safe trading tips here.

What happens when my bike is sold?

Once you’ve sold your bike or item, simply mark the advert as Sold to remove it from public viewing. You can do this on the advert page for the item or in the My Ads menu.

Can you post my ad for me?

Unfortunately not. Listing an ad is self-service, but the process is quick and easy. Please contact us here if you have any trouble.

Can I advertise as a business?

Yes, you can. Listing fees may apply when using Bike Hub in a professional capacity Find out more here.

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