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Trade safely with Bike Hub Pay

A safe and convenient way to trade on Bike Hub.

Why use Bike Hub Pay?

Seller Protection
Ensure you get your money.

You don't part with your goods until the agreed amount is secured by Bike Hub.

Buyer Protection
Ensure you receive your items.

If the item you received is not as described or is not delivered, the deal is cancelled and your money will be returned to you.

Flexible Payments
You can transfer funds via EFT or Credit Card* with Bike Hub Pay.

*Additional fees do apply where a deal is funded via Credit Card.

How it works

1. Agreement
Buyer and seller agree on a deal.
2. Payment
Buyer makes payment into secure Bike Hub account.
3. Delivery
Seller delivers / buyer collects the goods.
4. Acceptance
Buyer receives and accepts the goods.
5. Payout
Bike Hub releases payment to the seller.

What our customers say

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our buyers and sellers have to say.

I bought a bike from the other side of the country. It was actually really nice having the security of BikeHub Pay. I didn't need to worry about anything and it felt like I had some control when the bike arrived as well. I'll be happy to use the system again.

dirtypot (Buyer) in Cape Town

I'd rate Pay as a 10/10. It gave the buyer more confidence to go ahead with the deal as he is in Durban and I was in JHB. I definitely recommend the service to all.

Todd (Seller) in Midrand

Bike Hub Pay is such a great idea and I was very happy using it. It definitely gives both buyer and seller confidence. I love Bike Hub!

Craig (Seller) in Cape Town

Used Bike Hub Pay for the first time. It went smooth as butter, I will gladly pay the small fee for the security.

Dexter-morgan in Gauteng

Great way to pay. Gives peace of mind to both parties with good communication along the way.

Merina (Buyer) in Polokwane

Man, did it work well. Best R49 spent. Think this will be the way to go for me going forward.

Koos Likkewaan (Buyer) in Boksburg

Great service, thanks. Makes buying and selling across the country very easy.

Bernard (Buyer) in Cape Town.

What a pleasure. It works like a charm. Best idea ever. Well done Hub admin.

TheoG in Alberton

Fantastic product. The fee justifies the reduction in risk.

fanievb (Seller) in Gonubie

It's a great set up. Like it a lot. Peace of mind for both parties.

Tim in Barrydale

What it costs?

Trade with peace of mind from just R49.
Buy safely with Pay
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Bike Hub Pay?

In order to transact via Bike Hub Pay, the seller will need to enable Bike Hub Pay on the specific advert. Here's a guide on How to Enable Bike Hub Pay.

How does it protect me as a seller?

If the buyers funds aren't received or cleared within the allowed time frame we'll cancel the deal while the goods are still safely in your possession.

How does it protect me as a buyer?

If the item you receive from the seller isn't as described or doesn't arrive altogether, the Bike Hub team will assist with the refund and return process (where required).

Who pays the fees?

The fees are deducted from the amount paid out to the seller, calculated at 3% of the agreed price with a minimum of R49.

How do I make payment as a buyer?

Buyers can make payment via EFT or Credit Card. Additional fees and transaction limits apply to credit card transactions. Read more here.

Do you still have questions? Read all the details in our Support Center or contact us on