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World's First E-Motorbike

R 25,000

Western Cape
1 year ago



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GRACE ONE - The world"™s first E-Motorbike
This is a collector's item!
In 2009 German brand GRACE employed Formula 1 and fighter jet technology to create the impressive GRACE ONE E-bike, the world"™s first e-motorbike.
The bike has the serial number # 010 and was delivered to one of the founding partners of the company in October 2009. In 2010 it was shipped to SA and has been kept in storage ever since. To this day it only has 140 Km on the clock, as the owner wanted to preserve it"™s Collectors Value.
Technical Facts and Specifications:
With an aircraft grade CNC-aluminum frame, custom made 1.3Kw brushless electric hub motor and a 70 lithium-ion battery-pack nicely integrated into its frame, the GRACE ONE has a top speed of 50km/h. The range of the vehicle is between 20km and 60km depending on how it is used. Built quality is the heart and soul of the GRACE ONE.
Along the underside of the downtube is the specially developed IP67 water-resistant controller housing. This contains the 48V DC to 12V DC converter, charger plug, fuses, horn and plugs. The smart control unit is based on CAN bus digital communication which was developed specifically for the GRACE ONE. The controller can be linked to a computer for maintenance and servicing and the diagnostic software supplied shows all critical information. The circular connector used is a Formula 1-grade circular connector, while the power switch is a rather expensive ETA switch, same as those used in the A380 airliners and Euro-fighter jets.
The cockpit of the GRACE ONE is a large central display located between the handlebars. All of the important information is accessible at a glance. The display offers excellent readability as well as high contrast. The speed indicator is a central element of the display and the rider can choose between 3 riding modes (SRT, CTY and ECO). All important information such as the battery status, voltage figures, and the power supplied to the motor can be presented to the rider in comprehensive diagrams.
The rear wheel hub motor from Ultra Motor Company is built to last forever. Due to the brushless and direct working principle, it works without wearing and is highly efficient. The rider controls the motor with the Magura electric throttle handle on the right handlebar. It"™s still up to you whether you want to step on the pedals as well, you don"™t have to. The full throttle handle that occupies the entire width of the grip enables you to activate it in a relaxed and accurate manner.
Each GRACE ONE comes with SRAM gear system, Magura Julie HP 203mm hydraulic disk brakes and two halogen headlamps that ensure optimal visibility and unmistakable appearance.
In 2009, when it came on the market, it was available for a sale price of € 7,500.

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