ANT+ USB Dongle

R 395

Gauteng, Johannesburg
2 weeks ago

ANT+ Mini USB Dongles suitable for use with Zwift etc. Seems to work with no problems, I have had no come-backs.

With Zwift, this device links your PC directly to your sensors (speed, cadence, heart rate, smart trainer etc).

Info on how Zwift works is here:

Please go to my on-line store to order:

You might also need a USB Extension Cable to get the ANT+ dongle closer to the sensors: 1.8m is R50. They can be daisy chained in you need longer, but not more that 2 since the spec for maximum USB 2 cable length is 5m.

Prices are all VAT Inclusive.

Also can help with:
- Video interfaces / converters from laptops to screens / projectors
- Setup / configuration / troubleshooting
- Home networking (WiFi extensions, hard wired Ethernet)
- A/V installations
- Other IT equipment / ESET Anti Virus

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Gauteng, Johannesburg