Rapide Frontier 2.0 Gravel Bar

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Gauteng, Johannesburg
3 weeks ago


Gravel Bike



Clamp Diameter (mm)


Hi Guys, we have the new Rapidé Frontier 2.0 Gravel Bars in stock:

Rapidé Frontier 2.0 Gravel Bars are the latest evolution of our gravel specific bars that offer much more comfort and control on or off road than traditional road bars.

The 18° flared drops provide extra control and stability on rough and loose surfaces making riding easier and more relaxed. The extra clearance around your wrists makes quick drops to hoods position changes easy.

The flare angle parallels that of modern shift/brake leavers allowing you to rest your fingers lightly on sides of the leavers for quick gear and brake use.

The drops are 64mm wider than the hand position on the hoods giving far greater leverage and control on loose gravel and on the trail. The extra width also provides more power for climbing and sprinting yet the conventional width at the hoods maintains road bike like aero comfort.

Out of the saddle efforts in the drops are also much easier due to the increased wrist clearance, allowing you to gain maximum leverage and efficiency for your efforts.

The shallow drops and short reach allow you to maintain a comfortable, aerodynamic position mile after mile.

The compact hook bend provides additional grip and control by making it comfortable to wrap your hand around the hook with only a short reach to the brake/shift leaver. The hooks are extended reward an extra 50mm providing extra hand positions for control, comfort and aerodynamics.

The hooks also angle gently to add comfort and control with a natural hand position that is far more usable.

Main Features:
.* Material: Double-Butted AL6061-T6 alloy
* Drop: Compact (120mm)
* Reach: 70mm
* Flare: 18°
* Width: 420/440mm C-C at the top of the drops
* Weight: 325g (Width 420mm)


Gauteng, Johannesburg

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10 October 2019

Excellent service from this great seller.

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03 September 2019

Great experience dealing and ordering from Rapide. Thank you Wayne!!

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21 August 2019

I totally agree with all the comments. Wayne was awesome. It was a pleasurable experience all round! Would happily recommend and support them!